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A successful park planning is not a simple stacking of various water slides, water pools, aqua houses, water play attractions and landscapes, but a perfect combination by the scientific planning, reasonable layout, outstanding design and ingenious packaging through the previous research and analysis of the surrounding environment, regional culture, target groups, water park's reception capacity, thematic attraction, surrounding parks' competitiveness. Which makes an orderly connection of all kinds amusement equipments along the traffic streamline, and the mood of the tourists are fluctuant with the layout of the streamline, finally strengthen and magnify the tourists' feeling through the relaxation of the amusement equipment.

As a full chain service provider with more than ten years' experience in the water park, WM International deeply knows the importance of extending the visitors' staying time and increasing the visitors' repatronage rate by planning the playing path and the environment layout along the way. Therefore, WM International pays great attention to create a unique regional characteristic's theme park for its customers, evaluate and deduce the localization, characterization, differentiation, of the products at the same time and create an integrated, thematic, scenarized water park, so as to realize a comprehensive integration of the equipment, climate, landscape and culture. Finally, successfully achieve every one of the unique amusement parks.

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