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Differentiated and Integrated Design of the Water Rides Supplier

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Ⅰ. Differentiated design of the water rides supplier

In order for a water park to achieve differentiation and sustainable development from other market products, it is very important to have an IP that tourists like and accept, and it is also an important work for cultivating potential customers.

This "IP style" first achieved excellent results in the film and television cultural industry, and then it was logically introduced into the field of water park equipment.

After abandoning the traditional "just play" style of piling up equipment, the water park has gradually moved towards theming. A complete and interesting story line has been set up during the play so that the whole process of the visitor's amusement park is like "watching a movie", thus the tourist can be impressed by the park.

Ⅱ. Integrated design recommended by the water rides supplier

The planning of the theme park has developed in the direction of integrated design. The overall design is a complete process, from the overall planning and layout, to the design of the architectural form, the research and development of the theme IP, the integrated design of landscape architecture, and the introduction of performance shows... The increasing abundance of elements requires a whole new theme park planning and design.

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