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China swimming coach Chen Xinyi chase penalty Jinwei life shall not enter the national team

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Recently, the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games official website officially announced the Asian Games sports event schedule. A total of 40 categories of 462 events, from September 2nd to August 8th a fierce battle. Although the opening ceremony is scheduled for August 18th, basketball competition began in August 8th, while football, water polo and handball also entered the group competition before the opening ceremony. In the course of the game, baseball and bridge will be the last two.

Track and field and swimming, with 48 gold and 41 gold, are the top two of the most gold medals in the Asian Games, which is the traditional practice of large and comprehensive events. But the number of gold medals ranked third of the project, will probably make a lot of people confused, is very popular in Southeast Asia's traditional wrestling - banka Sura, ranked third with 16 gold. The next judo, weightlifting, shooting, martial arts and rowing are all 15 gold.

The swimming, not low, will go between August 19th and August 24th, and the six day event will be divided into 41 gold. Although the six day match is consistent with the Asian Games in Guangzhou and Inchon Asian Games, the two Asian Games will only compete for 38 gold, but this time it will increase to 41 Jin.

From August 9th to 13, the Pan Pacific Swimming Championships were carried out in Tokyo, Japan. The Japanese team, which has always paid much attention to the competition, was sure to be the main force at the door. But only one week in the middle of the two major events was a great test for Japanese players. The China team of Pacifica has "not cold, there will be continuous fighting problems. At that time, the Chinese team's physical reserve for the Asian Games must be better than the Japanese team.
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