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Water park equipment: water slide maintenance

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Some operating unit using according to several other industries safety management system template for this unit system, these systems lack of pertinence, operational difference, useless, cannot effectively regulate the use of units in operation safety management, the safety of the equipment technical performance is not guaranteed, equipment malfunction accident, appear easily in the process, an accident, failure can not timely and effective response. The maintenance of the water slide should be checked regularly, which is related to the safety of tourists.

Due to various factors, the equipment will have defects during use, which require maintenance, repair and regular inspection. All of these should be effectively maintained by the company of large amusement facilities in the water park, specifically in the following aspects:

1. Check the slide to see if there are exposed sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs and water leakage.

2. The load-bearing members should be checked regularly to see if there are cracks and bending deformation in the structure. In order to replace in time.

3. Check the technical status of each part, tighten the loose part and adjust the clearance. Check interlock and safety device to ensure safety and reliability.

4. Do a good job in specific equipment maintenance, institutionalize, reduce equipment failure rate, and improve the service cycle and time of the equipment.

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